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Kilmeague Historic Footpath

Site Significance: Although this street scape has not been recorded it does possess architectural, archaeological, historical, and social valueKilmeague, Co. Kildare is one of four old parochial divisions of the Parish of Allen known for its pre-Christian history and more notable for two topographical features the Hill of Allen and the Bog of Allen.  This location is thought to have been  the royal residence of Fionn MacCuhail and naFianna Kilmeague castle erected and  occupied by the Fitzgerald of Allone, thought to be of the Geraldine’s, extraordinarily little of this structure remains.   The present Protestant Church is built upon the site of the Catholic Church of the olden time.  The adjoining burial-ground continued to be used by Catholics until very recently.  In building the range of houses opposite the Church, large quantities of human bones were found, proving either that the burial-ground extended formerly in that direction, or that this was the scene of a battle.  This was a place of considerable strength and importance in 1649 it made a stout and, for some time, a successful resistance to the Parliamentary forces.  General Hewson, writing to Lethall, Speaker of the House of commons, under date the 3rd of March, 1649, says “About the latter end of December I marched with a party of 1,000 men horse andfoot, into the Island of Allan, and summoned Kilmaog therein, but finding it not feasible to storm without guns, I marched to Rathbridge and Ponsers Grange, and took them, and placed two strong garrisons there, which did give me good footing in the County of Kildare….I marched upon Tuesday, the 26th February, with a party of 2,000 foot and 1,000 Horse towards the County of Kildare, and took with me one culverin, and one semi-culverin, and one mortar piece; the enemy fired their garrisons of Fort Lease, Blackreath, and the aforementioned Castle of Killmaog, in the Island of Allan; but I shall easily make it tenable again, it being very useful for your service” – Contemp. Hist. of Affairs in Ireland 16-41-52, Vol.3, p.369.

Anú Heritage  Role:

  • Liaison and negotiations between Kildare County Council and Kilmeague Community
  • Condition Survey and assessment
  • Design of new pathway to include historic cobble
  • Planning, procurement, and execution including tender documentation
  • Specifications and method statement
  • Site trails and exemplars of conservation methods and materials
  • Completion Report

Historic Fabric Material:

Small Cobble (64mm – 128mm), Large Cobble (128mm – 256mm), Random Cobble (lowest grade design), Concrete

Project Materials:

Historic Fabric Material, Limestone, hot mix, gauged mortar, grout, including pozzolans, NHL’s, sand and aggregate selection.

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2019 – 2020


Kildare County Council, Kilmeague Community, Patrick Hickey


Inside National Monuments Zone of Notification

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