Built Heritage

Built Heritage – Our built heritage is a primary element in Irelands cultural heritage landscape. 

 Conservation Planning and Research

  • Design stage guidance – can be held on site or virtually
  • Coordinated Investigation of Historic Buildings and Sites
  • Pre-Planning Advice – Planning applications for protected structures or structures of historic value may be returned for further information, that may result in a delayed start date.
  • Liaison and negotiation with state authorities
  • Ministerial Consent
  • Building archaeology, recording and analysis – demonstrating the structural and material characteristics and site significance
  • Historic Analysis – including archival, gazetteers and inventory research
  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Condition Survey Reports
  • Conservation Plans
  • Conservation Management Plans

 Historic Building Repair

  • Services and advice in the conservation of the built heritage i.e. stone, brick, and lime mortars
  • Functional advice and services in the planning, procurement and execution of work include tender documentation (specifications and method statements)
  • Condition survey and assessment
  • Guidance on cleaning of stone masonry and brickwork
  • Appraisal, Identification and Recommendations on repair and consolidation works i.e. repointing, grouting indents, and replacement
  • Historic Fabric Recording and Sourcing
  • Conservation Method Statements which will include techniques, specifications, material recommendations
  • Site trails and exemplars of conservation methods /materials
  • On site ‘Hot Mix’ demonstrations – aimed at building contractors and self-renovation enthusiasts working mainly with Irelands traditional binder quicklime.